Monday, July 29, 2013

EVERDEEN - Chapter Three

Demitri - We need to leave this village, we'll return to the forest and consult with the nymph again. Lyira, come with us, at least as far as that. If need be, Peddle can get you in touch with The Order, give you a new Protector.
Tribecca - What? You've said yourself, she's a human using phaerie magick and you expect her to come with us, for me to trust her?
Demitri - Do you trust me?
The faerie nods.
Demitri - Than that's enough, if it does turn out that she can't be trusted I will do my duty and protect you but Lyira will accompany us, at least as far as the Nymph's clearing.
Lyira - I don't want a new Protector Demtri, nor do I need one, I can take care of myself now. I can even help, faerie, you are with him because you are running, hiding from someone, yes? I can't do to much but, my magick, I can alter your appearance, not by much but a little, you would be harder to recognize, harder to find.
Tribecca seemed to consider if for a moment and turned towards Demitri.
Tribecca - You trust her?
Demitri - I do.
Tribecca - Do you think this is a good idea?
Demitri - It couldn't hurt.
Tribecca thought that she disagreed with that but decided it's better not to say so.
Tribecca - Alright.
Lyira smiled and made gestured with her hands in the direction of the other women.
As the magick slowly washed over her Tribecca felt a slight tingling sensation.
Tribecca - So, how do I look?
Lyira - Unfortunately not as different as I had hoped. I did say I couldn't do much, if you want I can try again some other time, after a rest my magick should be stronger.
Tribecca - No, that's not necessary, I don't want to look to different, I like the way I look.
Lyira - I understand.


Monday, April 30, 2012

The Silver Sprite - Chapter Two.


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Olivia,John and Kat spend a day at the beach.
Kat - You gonna join us Livie?
Olivia - Yea, hang on a sec.
Olivia lays a towel on the sand before unpinning her hair,setting aside her glasses and slipping out of the skirt that's over her swimwear.
The girls laugh as Olivia splashes John, getting water up his nose.
The three of them stay and goof around in the water most of the day until John and Kat decided to go off on their own somewhere.
A little while later, just before I starts to get dark, Olivia leaves the water and stumbles slowly towards where she lay her things. Seeing her struggle a man approaches.
Man - Are you alright?
Olivia -  I can't see, I took my glasses off before I went in the water and..
Man - Say no more.
Man - Here you go.
The man hands the glasses to her and she slips them on.
Olivia - Thank you, Um...?
Man -  Conner Lawrence, Officer Conner Lawrence.
Olivia - Ooh,officer. 
Olivia - Is that supposed to impress me?
He chuckles,flashing her a smile.
Conner -Well, a, it does most girls.
Olivia - Well, a, I'm not most girls.
She laughs back with a smirk, teasing him.
Conner - Clearly.
Olivia - I'm Olivia Walsh, the author.
Conner - Oh,is that supposed to impress me?
 Olivia - Well, it does most guys.
Conner - I see, so you're mocking me now hmm miss Walsh?
Olivia - I wouldn't dream of it, officer and please, call me Olivia. My friends and I were planning to light a fire, you're welcome to join us, if I can find them.  
Conner - Alright, Olivia. Why don't I light the fire while you go see if you can find your friends.
The four of them sat around the fire talking for a while and eventually end up on the subject of the local super heroes. 
John - What kind of powers would you want? Personally, I'd want to read the past, look into peoples lives, see what their life has been. What about you Kat?
Kat - I,um, I'd want to be able to become ghost like, invisible and intangible.
John - Pixie? 
Olivia - I'd want to flyCan you imagine, seeing the city that way, and to have pretty glowing gossamer wings like The Sprite?
John - The Silver Sprite.
Olivia rolls her eyes laughing.
Olivia - Whatever Johnny. Conner?
Conner - Speed. 
Olivia - Speed? You mean like The Captain or something?
Conner - Hadn't really thought of that but yea, I guess. Don't really like him though, he's pure vigilantly, The Silver Sprite and other heroes in town work with the police where as he just gets in the way and seems to think he's better than us. 

Kat excuses herself to the bathroom and Olivia follows.
Olivia - So what do you think of Conner?
Kat - I think you like him.
Olivia - Haha.
Kat - Honestly, I think he's kinda cocky and self centered. 
Olivia - But not to much so, I kinda like it, its amusing.  
Kat - Well I just wouldn't look to him for anything serious.
Olivia - Well, maybe I don't want anything serious. 
Kat - Really?
Olivia - Yea, I mean I wouldn't complain if it were to turn serious but no, that's not what I'm looking for at the moment. It's just easier. Besides, I have my secrets, it's easier to keep them this way. 
Kat - You have secrets? Do you have secrets I don't know?
Olivia - Kat, I have secrets John doesn't even know.
Kat -  Well, keep in mind it's easier for him to keep secrets too.
Kat - To each her own I guess. But Olivia, I've had those kinds of relationships, they don't end well. At least for me they never did, I'm so lucky to have what I have with John, I've been burned in the past. 
Olivia - I'll keep that in mind. But I've had serious relationships before, they don't always end to well either.

John - Well, it's getting late. I'm ready to head home when ever you are sweetheart.
Kat - Okay love. It was nice meeting you Conner. See you Liv.
John - Yeah, nice meeting you. Later Pixie.
Conner - You too. We should get together again sometime.
After they leave he looks at Olivia.
Conner - Pixie? He called you that earlier too.
Olivia - It goes back to when we where kids, and I did or said something, I don't even remember what and neither does he but something and he called me Pixie and it just kinda stuck.

After slipping the skirt back on Olivia pins her hair back up.
Conner - Why'd you do that?
Olivia - Do What?
Conner - Your hair.
Olivia - This is just how I usually wear it.
Conner - Well then I think you should wear it down more often
He smiles slightly, making Olivia blush.
Conner - Would you like to look at the stars with me?
Conner - I've always enjoyed star gazing.
 Olivia - I've always loved it too. I like looking out into the vastness of space.
He took her hand and guided it,pointing out his favorite stars and constellations.
   Conner - I feel like an idiot for not bring thing up sooner but are you,um, with anyone?
Olivia - You first.
Conner - Haha, alright. No, I'm not. Most woman don't seem to understand that as an officer of the law my career and my duty to the people has to come before all else. 
Olivia - Well that's not a problem with me. Writing is my first love, my passions. So even though, as an author my career doesn't have  to come first, it does. Which is why I am also single.
Conner - Oh wow, the suns coming up.
Olivia - We talked all night.
He flashes her a smile.
Conner -  I can think of worse ways to spend my time.
Olivia - Me too, but unfortunately I have to go.
Conner - Wait. Before you go.
Catching her by the arm, he plants a quick kiss on her cheek

Rounding the corner Olivia makes sure shes out of site before disappearing.
Teleportation,it's not flight but at least its something.

What other secrets is Olivia hiding?
What's in the future for Conner and Olivia?
Of course
Who is The Silver Sprite?

Monday, April 16, 2012

The Silver Sprite - Chapter One

She floats high above her enemy as the blue fire ball forms in the woman's hands.
Spark -  Come down here and fight me Sprite!
She spits the last word, saying it with mock and venom, taunting the hero.
That's Silver Sprite to you spark...and.... make me.
Spark - Gladly. Let's see how well you fly when I scorch those pretty little wings of yours.
And with that she releases the fireball sending it flying at The Silver Sprite who easily dodges.
As she sweeps down towards her foe she passes a young man crouched under the stairs with a camera. 
John Nice is a reporter not a photographer but when he saw the start of the battle he knew he couldn't pass up the story and grabbed a camera.
The battle continues to unfold as John stays in his hiding place, more trying to stay out of the way then  hiding really. The Silver Sprite does as the villain wished, landing gracefully on her feet before bringing a leg up to deliver a sharp and swift kick knocking Spark to the ground.
The Silver Sprite gets to her knees near her fallen foe.
She catches Spark by the arms as the villain starts to get to her feet and holds her there.
Silver Sprite - Surrender now Spark.
Spark -  Never.
Silver Sprite - You know you can't beat me. Surrender this fight and leave now. 
Spark drops her head in defeat and her arms are released from the grip of the other woman.
The Silver Sprite doesn't move as she watches her run off.
Getting to her feet she turns to face John
Silver Sprite - You can come out now, she is gone and the fight is over.
John - Why did you let her go?
She looks up,looks off.
Silver Sprite - I have my reasons.  I've seen you before, you're a reporter aren't you, why where you here?
John - Yeah, I am, and that's exactly why I'm here, everyone loves reading about a good super battle, and now to think I've gotten to talk to you, The Silver Sprite as well. Can I, can I quote you ?
Silver Sprite - Yes, of course. 
John - Thank you, this story if going to be huge for me.
Silver Sprite - Well I'm always happy to help, but I must be going now.
John - Alright, well thank you again and it was an honor getting to talk to you.
She smiles at him, stretching her wings, and takes to the sky.


John - Knock knock!
He calls out as he walks into the house.
John - Where are you?
"In here."
John - Here? Where is here?
"The office, goofwad."
He laughs.
John -  Goofwad? Really? Well I suppose  you would know, Olivia.
Olivia - Meaning what exactly?
John - That it takes one to know one my friend.
She laughs and makes a face at him.
John - You been in there all day?
Olivia - I was working, what about you?
John - Just got the story of my career.
Olivia - Oh, tell.
John - A battle between The Silver Sprite and Spark, down by the beach, and after she took care of Spark  I got to talk to her.
Olivia - The Sprite? You got to talk to The Sprite?
John - The Silver Sprite.
She laughs, rolling her eyes at him.
Olivia - Whatever Johnny. So not the point, that's so cool.
John - She said I could quote her, when I write the article.
Olivia - Wow, you're right, this story is going to be big for you.
Olivia - Congratulations Johnny. 
John - Thanks Pixie, well I better get going
Olivia - Okay. See you and Kat tomorrow?
John - Yea, probably.
Once John leaves she grabs something to eat 
And climbs into bed early after a long days work.


Getting home John heads straight to his home office and starts writing the article.
Pausing for a moment he looks over at the picture on his desk and smiles, remembering the night it was taken. Kat looked so beautiful in her blue dress. That had been their first anniversary, and the night they decided to move in together.
Her musical voice called from the other room.
John - In the office. 
She comes behind him and he tilts his head back to look up at her face. 
Kat - Working again huh? You writers, always working.
She giggles, teasing him.
John -  Yea,yea, I just really wanted to get this story started.
She glances at the title.
Kat - Ooh, can I read what you have so far?
John - Of course.
He starts to stand up so she can have the chair but she puts a hand on him. He gives her a questioning gaze as she walks around the chair.
 She wraps an arm around his shoulders as she climbs into his lap and begins reading. 
Kat -  She let her go?
John - Yeah.
Kat -  But why?
John - I don't know sweetheart, but I plan to find out.
She smiles at him getting up.
Kat - Well, I'll let you finish your story.
John - Nah, I've got it started, I'll work on it more later. For now I want to spend some time with my girlfriend.
They go outside and look up at the sky, they can't really see any stars tonight but they admire the big full moon. Kat Meldeen glances at the man she loves, she can't believe how lucky she is. They've been together almost two years now and he still gives her butterflies.
Catching her staring John pulls Kat into a kiss.
John - I love you Kat.
Kat -I love you too Johnny.

Will this story be as big for John's career as he hopes?
Why did our hero let Spark go?
Most importantly
Who is The Silver Sprite?