Monday, July 29, 2013

EVERDEEN - Chapter Three

Demitri - We need to leave this village, we'll return to the forest and consult with the nymph again. Lyira, come with us, at least as far as that. If need be, Peddle can get you in touch with The Order, give you a new Protector.
Tribecca - What? You've said yourself, she's a human using phaerie magick and you expect her to come with us, for me to trust her?
Demitri - Do you trust me?
The faerie nods.
Demitri - Than that's enough, if it does turn out that she can't be trusted I will do my duty and protect you but Lyira will accompany us, at least as far as the Nymph's clearing.
Lyira - I don't want a new Protector Demtri, nor do I need one, I can take care of myself now. I can even help, faerie, you are with him because you are running, hiding from someone, yes? I can't do to much but, my magick, I can alter your appearance, not by much but a little, you would be harder to recognize, harder to find.
Tribecca seemed to consider if for a moment and turned towards Demitri.
Tribecca - You trust her?
Demitri - I do.
Tribecca - Do you think this is a good idea?
Demitri - It couldn't hurt.
Tribecca thought that she disagreed with that but decided it's better not to say so.
Tribecca - Alright.
Lyira smiled and made gestured with her hands in the direction of the other women.
As the magick slowly washed over her Tribecca felt a slight tingling sensation.
Tribecca - So, how do I look?
Lyira - Unfortunately not as different as I had hoped. I did say I couldn't do much, if you want I can try again some other time, after a rest my magick should be stronger.
Tribecca - No, that's not necessary, I don't want to look to different, I like the way I look.
Lyira - I understand.


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